Tutorial 2:  Installing TAM


1. Install R
2. Install TAM
3. Rasch Model
4. CTT, Fit
5. Partial Credit Model
6. Population Model
7. DIF

More resources

TAM package

TAM can be found at the R CRAN site which is the official R repository for packages.

Installing TAM

To avoid re-inventing the wheel, the TAM package calls a number of functions written in other R packages. For this reason, a few other R packages will be installed when TAM is installed. Use the R command


to install TAM and related packages. However, before you run the command, make sure your computer is connected to the internet. Also commands in R are case-sensitive, so you must take note of capital letters and lower-case letters in the commands and in the package names.

TAM updates

TAM is constantly updated to incorporate new features and fix reported bugs. You should regularly check the CRAN TAM site to re-install the latest version of TAM and check the NEWS link for updates.