Tutorial 1:  Installing R


1. Install R
2. Install TAM
3. Rasch Model
4. CTT, Fit
5. Partial Credit Model
6. Population Model
7. DIF

More resources

First Time R User

If you have not used R before, you will need to install R before you can install TAM. R is free and it is widely used by researchers for statistical analyses. There is a multitude of resource materials on the web about R. It is really easy to find information on R help sites. I will provide some instructions about installing R. More information can be found on the web by entering search words such as "how to install R?"

R can be downloaded from the website

Instructions on the installation of R can be found on the above website.

After installing R, we highly recommend the installation of R Studio. R studio provides a working environment including separate windows for program files and output files, help window and graphical output window. While the installation of R Studio is not necessary to run R, the tutorials presented here show screenshots of R Studio.

R Studio can be downloaded from the website

Note that you will need to install R first before installing R Studio.

An example screenshot of R Studio

Help on the use of R Studio can be found on the web, such as typing the search term "R studio tutorial" in Google. There are many excellent tutorials on the use of R and R Studio.

Learning some basics of R commands will be immensely helpful not only for using the TAM package, but for general statistical analyses and data manipulation.