Summary of the Course

This course will have a practical focus on how to carry out test and item analyses. Both classical test theory (CTT) and item response theory (IRT) will be taught. Example code snippets in R will be provided to run the analyses. We will use Educational Measurement for Applied Researchers: Theory into Practice (Wu, Tam, and Jen 2016) as a reference book. We will use the R CTT package (Willse 2018) and R TAM package (Robitzsch, Kiefer, and Wu 2021) for most of our analyses.

This website will be updated each week to include materials for the new sessions.

This course has been translated into Chinese at this link. The Chinese course uses traditional Chinese characters. If you open the website in Google Chrome, you can translate it into simplified Chinese.


Robitzsch, Alexander, Thomas Kiefer, and Margaret Wu. 2021. TAM: Test Analysis Modules.
Willse, John T. 2018. CTT: Classical Test Theory Functions.
Wu, Margaret, Hak Ping Tam, and Tsung-Hau Jen. 2016. Educational Measurement for Applied Researchers: Theory into Practice. Springer Singapore.